Heritage & Story-telling

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Vlisco & Co.

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Audio Visual Design


October 2019


Mhosenu - Labone

Heritage and Storytelling

This is my 3rd time working with iamadinkra and I can honestly say I have never met a tech team that is more reliable, knowledgeable and talented than them. Having an event requires a huge amount of flexibility and patience and you need a team that can think on the fly, re-define ideas and come up with solutions asap.

Michael and his team are really outstanding and a place way above the rest. As a project manager to be able to know and feel confident that my ideas will be executed no matter what because iamadinkra are the most solution based group I have ever worked with. You can tell the work is really their passion.

Besides that when they come on as a team they are a team to the entire event. Even though their focus, scope and responsibilities might be tech I can ask Michael for help on any facet of the event and he will come through. For example, a few minutes before our last event started we realized the building didn't have any lights in the area where food would be served. We talked to Michael and in a few minutes we had a lamp.

Another company would have shrugged their shoulders and watched us scramble. Honestly I can't say enough. There really is no one else I would work with on an event, Period.

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