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As part of the refurbishment of the Joy News Studios, the existing 6 units 46” video wall arranged in landscape in a 2x3 configuration had to be replaced and reconfigured with a narrower bezel model, Samsung UD46E.

The new 3x3 configuration videowall was rigged with a Samsung Wman 46VD mount, specially designed to use the smart signage display. The mounting system delivers a low profile installation easily assembled out of the box. This reduced the overall lead time for delivering the project. The videowall was configured both via DP loopout and individual display HDMI connectivity.

The newly installed videowall seamlessly integrated with the already existing broadcasting infrastructure for delivering high resolution graphics. This was in part due to the in-built capability of each panel to upscale content for full HD.

The completed studio refurbishment project has complementing backlit surround walls with a matching new anchor desk sporting a 65” professional display.
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Systems Integration


February 2019


Joynews Studios - Kokomlemle

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