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After 200 years of hard work and meticulous detail in building a brand, Johnny Walker was set on celebrating its milestone in a grand way.
Showcasing not only their accomplishments but also sharing what they have learned and who they are with their cherished patrons. And this we helped them achieve by designing and executing an interactive media solution in two main locations.
Heritage Room
This room took guests through the 200 year history of the brand. As a way to sample useful information on consumer habits, as well as, a fun and interactive way to test how much guests knew about the brand, we deployed a touch-enabled life-sized trivia screen. The self-service trivia was hosted on a windows-based mini PC and accessed on a 65” InFocus screen placed in portrait mode. Guests had 40 seconds within which to answer 5 random questions testing their knowledge of the brand.

Flavor Academy
This very educational experience gave guests an in-depth knowledge of how their favorite whiskey blends are made. To make this experience fun and engaging, we built a floor to ceiling branded wall which showed a graphic of the distillery process. For more dynamic content a 70” 4K display (LG 70UN70) was embedded in the wall in portrait mode, this showed various brand multimedia content which emphasized the 200 year heritage of the brand. The content was hosted on a mac-based media server with programmed playback. For a more personal museum-like experience, four 6th generation ipads hosted a custom-designed interactive walkthrough of the various flavors, blends and general information about Johnny Walker whiskey.
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Diageo - Ghana

Project Type

Interactive Media


December 2020


One Airport Square - Accra

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