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As part of IT Consortium’s journey to being more publicly visible, we were tasked to imagine and design the space to host the launch event of the 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Working with a client brief of a contemporary Apple keynote announcement type event, the stage, a diamond shaped raised platform, was finished with a large video backdrop in two sections. Separated by a row of spotlights, the first, a 25 square metre P3 LED display with custom graphics to match was suspended over a V-shaped LED curtain backdrop, used for presenter titling. A screen podium which played custom designed IT Consortium graphics completed the stage.

On a custom designed registration and database solution, attendees were registered on three self-service and one mobile tablet stations.

A life-sized replica of the company logo shield with an embed display for photo-mapping flanked by two screens raised on easels brought the memory lane photo station to life. The displays played back a slideshow of pictures spanning 20 years of the operations and experiences of IT Consortium.

To inject some practical IT spirit and balance out the heavily male-dominated environment, we designed a speech and facial tracked, virtual animated co-host to assist with MC duties.

In addition to unveiling the 3D model of the anniversary logo, during the main event, the life-sized replica company logo at the photo station was transformed into the ITC @ 20 logo.

All the elements came together to create an engaging and exciting experience that provided a befitting launch of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of IT Consortium.
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I.T Consortium

Project Type

AV Design


April 2021


Kempinski Hotel

Franklin Eleblu
Chief Software Architect & Chairman of Anniversary Planning Committee

IT Consortium engaged iamadinkra late in the final stages of the planning of our 20th anniversary celebrations launch. We engaged them to be our AV design consultants. Initially we had divided opinions about what value they could possibly bring so late in the day to a programme that was nearly fully planned.

I am totally delighted we gave them the chance because they proved themselves above and beyond our expectation and left no one in doubt that we had made the right decision.

Michael and Naa were simply amazing to work with. Their attitude throughout the planning was positive, pleasant, and gave me as a client a great sense of comfort each step of the way. They asked all the right questions, anticipated our needs, offered great suggestions and when we encountered an obstacle they adroitly navigated it drawing from their deep well of experience and creativity. In the end nailed it with the “wow” factor.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team, and I sure look forward to our next project with this amazing team!