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As a means of providing an outdoor viewing experience for the Honeysuckle in Labone, a large format display was installed for the terrace and seating area.
The location of the installation was an open space exposed to high ambient light conditions. Important for this solution was its ability to combine high brightness display with the ability to withstand harsh weather elements while easily integrating into the existing satellite decoder network.

The original solution adopted high brightness (2500 Nits), provided by the Samsung OM55D-K display. This 2x2 configuration display in landscape, offered crystal clear viewing even in direct sunlight conditions, and could withstand operation conditions up to 90ºC.
Adapting videowall technology offered a completely scalable solution, making it possible for the size of the videowall to increase by acquiring additional display units.

A year later, the same videowall was reconfigured as a 3x1 videowall with the displays placed in portrait mode.
The display quality and vibrant colors of the videowall have made Honeysuckle Labone, especially the terrace seating area a very popular place for viewing sporting events.


Honeysuckle Pub & Restaurant

Project Type

Systems Integration


November 2019


Honeysuckle - Labone

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