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Inspire, Launch, Grow, Impact.
It was our pleasure to work on the launch of the Forbes8 app, an entrepreneurial research base aimed at equipping their users with the skills they need to stay ahead of the game through video resources.

The event was a study in technical excellence. From the registration to the running of the event we showcased our skills in systems integration and audio-visual design using top-notch technology.

Using a registration and database solution designed by us, attendees were signed in seamlessly on 5 iPads designated for the purpose. The main event; the live demonstration of the Forbes8 app happened on a Forbes8 branded, raised platform stage, fitted with presentation support and our unique screen podium.
Anchored on an industrial grade, black powder finish, steel frame, the podium sported a 37” portrait banner display, a bluetooth presentation remote, an in-built dual gooseneck microphone and an adjustable glass top that made for a very comfortable presentation and unveiling of the app.

The unveil itself was a sensory party executed through a lighting design combining lighting, motion graphics and sound effects. The high quality sound that contributed to the amazing experience came from a pair of 3ft totem linear array tops with 14” subs. On a 36 square meter screen made up of 1000 x 500 square meter P3 block cabinet screens, and with the aid of moving heads, effect lighting was synchronised to the soundtrack and showcase video providing the viewer with the best experience of an initial introduction to the Forbes8 app.
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Ogilvy Ghana for Forbes & AW3 Media

Project Type

Audio-Visual Design


January 2019


Movenpick Ambassador Hotel

Sadat Laminu
PR Account Director at Ogilvy Ghana

Ogilvy Ghana needed an event partner to deliver a top notch digital led launch experience for one of our clients – Forbes8. It was important for Forbes8 mapped out stakeholders to identify themselves with the brand and be able to be imbibed by its core tenants to Inspire, Launch, Grow and Impact.

The team at iamadinkra understood the task and delivered with high professionalism. Together, we delivered an amazing launch experience to the delight of the client. I commend the team’s diligence, flexibility and agility.

In addition to their competence, the iamadinkra team always is a pleasure to work with.

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