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This was essentially a meeting between Facebook and leading journalists in two separate events in two countries; Ghana (Marriot Hotel) and Nigeria (Fraiser Hotel and Suites).

The purpose of the meeting was to bring them up to speed on Facebook’s updated privacy policy and how it affects reporting, especially in light of fake news. It was also intended to help them understand how Facebook handles new reporting on their platform and offer them an opportunity to dialogue with a panel of experts from Facebook.

The requirement was to set up and manage the virtual workshop on zoom, presentation management and control for each speaker on the panel, provide high definition viewing screens for the in person participants, sound production and recording as well as dedicated network services (high-speed internet).

It was important to ensure crystal-clear audio and video/presentation content throughout the duration of the session with sufficient internet bandwidth to prevent delays, call drops and poor call quality. The display solution deployed for this project was 4 cart Samsung QLED displays which offer UHD quality and vibrant imagery. These were ergonomically placed to ensure comfortable and unobstructed viewing. To match the classroom style seating, two remotely controlled CCtV cameras were used and pre-programmed with multiple shots of the participants.

A 4-point sound design was implemented using a dual linear totem array with 5 inch domes and 10 inch subs at the front and a pair of delay monitors (10”). This was driven by a mackie digital mixer and LAX AMP kit. Sure cordless microphones were used for the in-person participants.

A critical component of the audio routing for this virtual workshop was ensuring that there was no audio return between the call and the speaker system in-house. This was easily achieved by properly routing the AUX channels to the PC interface for the call.

A dedicated internet service over microwave radio, connected to the PC over a managed LAN was deployed. This made over 150 Mbps up/down bandwidth available for the call. A 4G over the air Wifi router provided 40Mbps up/down back up bandwidth at redundancy.

The call was hosted on zoom meetings (Mac OS) with remote presentations managed via google slides. Holding slides and music were cued through co-presenter while Wirecast Pro 14 produced the camera capture and overlay graphics for the virtual camera in zoom. A critical component of the overall solution was ensuring a 100% uptime of all equipment and services; backup battery packs, UPS systems and redundancies were implemented for all the AV systems.
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Facebook Inc.

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Interactive Media


October 2020

Guido Quarcoopome
Operations Director - JamJar Company Limited

We recently worked with iamadinkra on a virtual meeting in Accra for our client Facebook. They provided the live broadcast and AV support. They are very professional, thorough and precise. Just how I like to work. Communication was good and well engaged. We made sure we were both clear with each other on each side and were able to state our priorities and objectives.

Communication was also consistent throughout the project in terms of easily getting updates from their end. The team was very knowledgeable when it came to the project requirements. Overall, it was the professionalism in approach for me, especially with the crew at set up and how the team was managed. It felt as though there was little to no input from our side to get them to do what they needed. It was exceptional, I look forward to working with your team again. You have my unreserved recommendation.

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