Explosion of Joy 2020

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Over the past eleven years, working with Joyful way has been a fun experience the team has looked forward to.

In 2020, the pandemic was unable to stop the show and gave us the opportunity to do for them their first hybrid in person and virtual concert. Our contribution to the concert was stage and backdrop design. Under the theme “God is faithful”, our concept for the look and feel of the stage was “Under Construction”, to signify rebuilding, after the pandemic, on God’s faithfulness.

Our construction site was brought to life by trusses and scaffolding, with moving heads fitted on lighting bars. Placed within this setting was the 25 manned choir evenly distributed on a stage branded with the theme of the concert. On two single riser platforms, two quarters of the choir was raised above the main stage to ensure good visibility of the entire group. Adding to the dynamic design of the stage, the band was elevated 8ft above the stage, distributed on two 4ft risers placed behind the choir.

As a final touch for theatrics, a screen of total size 60 square metres broken into 6 isolated viewing sections, was arranged around the band and the choir. With LED mapping carried out by the Mac Pro Presenter, the screen was used for displaying a complementary background effect and song lyrics, tying together all the components of the stage to create an amazing visual.
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Joyfulway Inc.

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AV Design


December 2020


National Theatre

Joyful Way Inc.

For over a decade, iamadinkra has provided audio/visual design and management services at our flagship music concert dubbed “Explosion of Joy”. Within these years, they have demonstrated a high sense of creativity, professionalism and duty in their effort to ensure that they provide us with top-notch quality service that is unmatched and beyond our expectation.

Indeed, they always do a good job and are punctual, going above and beyond what is required of them to ensure they meet our set up timelines so as not to delay the start of the event which is a critical concern for us.

We have been very satisfied with the services of adinkra ino-V8 and would gladly recommend them to anyone requiring a service in audio/visual design and management and digital signage solutions.

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