Huddle Space Design - EPL Office

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"Design and integration of full Audio-Visual solutions for the huddle room and conference rooms. Our solution focused on the Workplace-of-the-future principle with complete BYOD capabilities. From remote meeting scheduling with multiplatform support. Each meeting space is equipped with a premium video conferening kit with 4K visual and adaptive microphone arrays."


Early Power Limited

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Systems Integration


July 2019

Early Power

Our one-year experience with iamadinkra has proven that they are ever ready to listen to their customers and provide the utmost satisfaction for services rendered. iamadinkra is always open to suggestions on how to best meet customer’s needs while providing firsthand expertise on challenges that need to be resolved.

iamadinkra’s team is both professional and friendly. They are very prompt with work schedules and are adaptable to meet customer needs.

Quality, originality, and longevity is their standard. They offer user friendly applications and have an effective team who provide support virtually or onsite when needed.

iamadinkra is and will remain the standard to Early Power Ltd when it comes to telecommunication, teleconferencing, virtual meetings, cable management and modern screen sharing presentation applications.

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