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We were given the unique opportunity to be a part of the execution of the first ever Virtual JA Africa Company Of the Year competition.

The entire production took place in a span of 5 weeks, within which we managed and produced a series of webinars and the three-day virtual competition by providing the services of content design and strategy, webinar hosting and technical support, session recording and post production, Audio Visual and Staging design as well as Social media broadcasts.

For the production of the webinars, the pre-recorded sessions, hosted on zoom, were post produced and arranged into graphic templates custom designed for the event. The same was done for the Opening Ceremony and Competition Day with MC set inserts which were pre recorded at a custom-designed studio set.

The Awards Ceremony, also broadcast to Facebook, was produced as a live event and took place in a vibrantly designed studio with a live audience of participants and award presenters joining via a Zoom call.

The stage was a study in playful functionality, showcasing the colors of the host nation Eswatini in fun patterns. The main presentation area, an angled platform with chamfers, was surrounded by branded frame elements within which screens were hosted. These consisted of three standalone 75” Samsung screens in portrait displaying custom graphics, one 65” Samsung in landscape which also served as a backdrop for the DJ area and the ‘feature wall’ which was a composite of one 65” Samsung screen in landscape and five 22”) screens which displayed content relating to the competition as well as the live zoom audience.
The event from start to finish was the kind of exciting challenge the team readily welcomes and its outcome was a pleasure for all involved.
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JA Africa

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Interactive Media


March 2021


Tygon Studio - Achimota

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